Why Live Anywhere Else?

The last few days while I’ve been staying in Louis house in Curacao has really made me wonder. There are few places in the world where I’ve felt that I could call home, possibly my favorite place so far would have to be the first house Bob and I had together, which was in Bisley, in the beautiful Cotswolds, I’ve never minded the cold, and the last two decades with the onset of hot flashes have made me love the cold even more, I’ve even been known to run outside in the snow naked, because I love the feel of the icy snow on my skin.

In Cincinnati Ohio, where we lived for seven years, we had a hot tub next to our swimming pool, the hot tub was my favorite place in winter. It could be 20 degrees below outside, and I would shock my poor Mum by running outside naked to jump in the hot tub, snow could be falling and window panes freezing over, but it wouldn’t stop me; getting out of the hot tub after a lengthy soak was no problem either, with icicles falling from my eyelashes and hair frozen to my head I would leap out of the hot tub and run into the house feeling refreshed. Poor Mum never understood, but then she never had hot flashes!
But life changes, now I live on a sailboat in the Caribbean, currently headed for the Pacific, where its hot, “REALLY, REALLY HOT” all the time.
However, 20 years of hot flashes have all but disappeared and I’m loving life out here. The last five days in Louis beautiful house has made me realize that the Islands are absolutely where I want to live out the last of my days.
I’m seriously hoping that my last days are a few decades off, but whatever, up here overlooking the bay and the ocean, with the beautiful breezes blowing constantly through the house I can’t help but walk around with a smile on my face, Curacao is not my dream retirement island, but “AN ISLAND” is where we will eventually build our retirement home, it may be a few years off, we have a lot of exploration yet to do on Daisy, but an Island is where I will end up, you only live once, why not live somewhere beautiful, somewhere that makes you smile every day when you wake up. Why live anywhere else!

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