As the owners of Crazy Daisy, we never cease to live up to our name.

Today is Thursday May 23rd 2019, and we were (along with about 35 + other boats) supposed to have already left Opua Marina, in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand and been well on our way to Tonga, with the Pacific Circuit Rally.

Instead, Bob and I are on an unplanned vacation in Brisbane Australia, while Glenn is left taking care of Daisy and making sure she’s ready to leave, at a moments notice, whenever that may be!

You may be asking yourself what we’re doing?  I have to admit I ask myself this same question many times a day!

So, while Bob and I wait for our New Zealand residency, we’re only permitted to stay in New Zealand  for 183 days at a time, those days are up on Friday, so to keep within our allowed number of days, we had to leave the country while we all wait for a safe weather window, with a plan to return and sail out on the same day, therefor staying within our allotted time limit.

As seems to be our luck, there’s a weather system (apparently unusual for this time of year), predicted over Tonga and Fiji which would have coincided with the arrival of the rally there, hence the unexpected delay in the departure while we all wait patiently for a weather window to safely make the 7-10 day trip to Tonga…

In the meantime, Bob and I plan to do some exploring here in Australia, and try to get some relaxation; we’ve both been working full out on maintenance, updates and repairs on Daisy for the last 6 months and we’re both a little stressed and throughly exhausted; so, maybe this unplanned vacation will help us to recharge the batteries and come back to Daisy fresh, relaxed and ready for the sail to Tonga, as soon as the weather permits…

At least our lives are never dull!!!

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