The Pacific and The Internet!

So, after five days of bobbing around the little islands of Las Perlas I’m beginning to understand the typical Pacific weather patterns. From about midnight until roughly 5 or 6pm each day the ocean is like a mill pond, flat, calm, quiet, lovely; I believe it’s referred to as the “Doldrums”, but then the tide changes and the calm, flat water becomes a raging angry sea, and Daisy is tossed about like a cork. When I talk about “bouncing around the galley” I really have been these last few days. The current turns us sideways and we roll from side to side for hours, it’s exhausting.

We’re leaving the islands and heading back to Panama City today, as Edi and Graeme fly in tomorrow, so we need to be there to pick them up. I’m hoping to get to the Internet hot spot and post my last five days journal entries on my web site. I also have to upload some information for the publishers, and skype with my Mum.

The trip back was lovely, flat seas, and warm breezes, we were going with the current and it took us just over four hours. Once anchored again in the bay, we headed ashore to the Internet café. I was just in the middle of uploading the information the publishers were asking for when the lights went out (literally) and the Internet went down. Half of Panama City had no power!

I’m just really hoping that everything is up and running tomorrow, I’m told that the Internet on the Galapagos is abysmal, so the chance of me being able to put anything on my website once I leave here is slim to none. In will however still be writing a daily account and will post it as soon as technology allows.

I’m now preparing for the trip I’m both excited about and dreading at the same time. However, the thought of the adventure to come in the Galapagos will (hopefully) be worth any trials I may have to endure to get there.

Thanks for reading… Back soon :o)

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  • ed carl
    Posted March 7, 2013 at 3:31 am | Permalink

    congrats…I see you have arrived where some people think life began…excited to see the pictures
    ed and angie

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