The Best Eggs, REALLY

I could never be vegan because I love eggs, giving up meat is possible for me, but eggs I just couldn’t do it. However, having said that I will only buy free range organic eggs. I like to know where the eggs come from, I need to know that they really are free range, meaning out in a pasture, not housed in a shed under a roof, just moving around, that doesn’t mean free range (at least not to me). Some egg producers are misleading with their advertising and when they say “Free Range” they are actually housed in a shed, just not in cages, it doesn’t mean that they are feeding in a pasture.

So this week while shopping in Whole Foods, my favorite grocery store, I came across a brand of free range eggs that I hadn’t noticed before, from Vital Farms. They were the most expensive eggs on the shelves, but they were guaranteed to be the best eggs you have ever tasted.

They had to meet strict requirements:
– Pasture land must be USDA Certified Organic
– Hens must be USDA Certified Organic and never given growth hormones or antibiotics.
– Feed must be non-GMO, Certified Organic and vegetarian.
– Hens must be moved onto fresh pasture regularly and treated with respect and care.

One of the things I really miss from England are the beautiful farm raised free range eggs, the yolks are not yellow, they’re orange, they’re the most delicious eggs ever. And I’ve missed that flavor. Have you ever watched Nigella lawson on TV? When she cracks eggs into a bowl the color of the eggs are a deep orange.

The eggs here in America mostly come from the large warehouse facilities where the hens are squeezed into cages as many as can be fit into one cage, and the cages stacked one on top of the other, they have their beaks cut off, they never get to leave the cage or see the sky, breathe fresh air or eat grass or organic grains, they are fed chemicals and growth hormones and lead the most tortuous existence, also the eggs are the palest of yellow with absolutely no flavor at all.

I tried these ‘Vital Farms‘ free range eggs, and sure enough they are absolutely delicious, I thought I was eating in England again.

The eggs from Vital Farms are honestly the best eggs I’ve eaten outside of England. Check out their website to learn more about them:

They maintain the highest standards of animal welfare, the birds live as they should; under blue skies, foraging organic, native grasses and exercising all day. They believe in the principle that farm life makes for happy, healthy hens and delicious eggs.

Vital farms have to meet strict standards, and are visited year round by ‘Humane’ who monitor their care. The farmers go through a lengthy application and inspection process to ensure they are meeting all the standards and providing the best animal welfare for their birds at all times.

Earning a Certified Humane designation for pasture raised eggs is not easy or cheap, but its humane, and produces a superior product.

These eggs really are organic, and absolutely delicious.

If you care at all about animal welfare, and if you enjoy eating eggs, please try these.

No I’m not being paid to advertise, I’m just a consumer who tried the product, absolutely loved it and wanted to spread the word.

The eggs are not cheap, but you know what they say, “you get what you pay for” and you can eat them with a clear conscience (if you have one)!