True Blue Crew


Stuart, Glenn, Lesley, Don Stuart, Glenn, Lesley, Don


True Blue Captain, Don.   Boat owner, Photographer, Windsurfer,  secretly referred to as “Blackbeard” by the crew 🙂


Lesley, Chef.  Don’s wife, boat owner, Gourmet Chef, in charge of keeping the crew in order, the boat clean & orderly and creating delicious meals.

Glenn, Crew Glenn, Crew. First mate, Perfect Gentleman, Photographer, Adventurer and Explorer.


Stuart, Crew Stuart, Crew. Yachtmaster, 2nd Mate, deck hand, fisherman, cook, comedian,  always ready to help with a cheeky grin 🙂


Glenn, Bob (guest crew) Heather (guest crew) Lesley, Don Glenn, Bob (guest crew), Engineer, Problem Solver, Route Planner,  Fixer of all Stuff! Heather (guest crew) 2nd Chef, in charge of all alcohol supplies  Lesley & Don