Perceptions of Paradise

Are we not all fortunate that the human race is so different, with different goals, ideals and perceptions. Take Paradise for example, we all have our own perceptions of that, although for most people it’s typically connected to some beach or vacation. 

I spend about five to six months a year sailing the Pacific, and have spent more than my fair share of time over the last 13 years on beautiful, deserted beaches, but they’re not my idea of Paradise. 

The word ‘Paradise’ usually sums up images of a deserted white sand beach, with azure blue sea and palm trees. And yet for some, the idea of Paradise is sipping cocktails on a hotel balcony overlooking a beach crowded with sun beds, umbrella’s, screaming children and hundreds of people (Palm Beach, Aruba springs to mind here,). This is about as far from my idea of Paradise as I could imagine, a cruise ship conjures up the same image in my mind; the idea of being stuck in an enclosed environment with thousands of other people, and loud hailers blasting all day, announcing dinner or the next entertainment, no thank you, not for yours truly. 

I absolutley hate crowds and loud noise, I’ve never been one for concerts, and although I used to love to dance, now I’m totally content with the simple things in life, my painting and sketching, reading a good book, time in the kitchen baking, or tending my beautiful garden, growing my own delicious produce and colorful flowers to decorate my home, and just watching the birds. 


My perfect Paradise is my home in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, which has the most incredibly beautiful views that take my breath away each time I look out, and my crazy beautiful garden that’s bursting with lush tropical plants, fruits, and amazing, brightly colored birds and butterflies. It’s my very own ‘Heaven on earth’.


My absolute favorite way to spend an evening would be a dinner party at home with friends and family; time around the table is always the best, with lively, fun conversation, great food and good wine, what could be better!  It’s always the simple things in life that are so special. Bob has always said “happiness is being happy with what you have” and happily, I truly am. I’m so fortunate to have not only found my ‘Paradise’, but to actually own it. It wouldn’t be for everyone, and for that I’m eternally grateful, as it may not have been available to me had it been what everyone else wanted.  


Thank goodness we’re all different.

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