Oh So Sick…

I haven’t posted anything since my last post because there wasn’t much to write about that anyone would want to read. Our plan had been upon leaving the Fragata, to sail to Isabela for a couple of days and do some sight-seeing and exploration, unfortunately with Bob not being well we had to cancel that plan.

After we left the Fragata Bob was really quite poorly for 48 hours. Then just as he was starting to feel better Danni became sick, vomiting for 24 hours followed by exhaustion and stomach pain. Bob checked myself and Danni into a hotel. Daisy’s continuous rolling around in the bay was not helping Danni’s condition.

The night before we flew back Ed became unwell with a high fever, so I let him stay in the hotel with Danni while I went back to the boat. The hotel had great air conditioning, and it wasn’t rolling around, on board you had to continually brace yourself to stop falling out of bed. Not something you need to be doing when you’re feeling as though you’re on deaths door!

The morning Danni and I flew out I was feeling fine, but our journey with several flights and very long layovers was exhausting and I started to feel unwell about 12 hours into the trip. Door to door the travel was 30 hours. I hadn’t managed any sleep on the flights and I was exhausted and feeling less than chipper when I arrived back in Atlanta‚Ķ

I’ve been home for 2 days now in bed sick with a slight fever and a really sore throat. As I sit here in bed typing this I feel as though I’m sat in a furnace swallowing razor blades‚Ķ

At least I have 11 days at home before I head off to England, another long journey with three flights. I’ll have to make sure I’m fit and healthy again before I leave, God willing!

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