Oh Lovely Ice Cream

Monday, March 7th, 2016. Day Two

Following a brief wind panic at 1:30am, I left night watch to Louis and went to bed. I slept through until 6:55am, I always sleep better on Daisy than anywhere else, the gentle movement rocks me as if I’m in a hammock. Up on deck Bob was watching the dolphins swimming around and around Daisy. It was a beautiful morning, flat seas, cloudless skies and a gentle light wind. louis and Bob put the pole out for the jib, and we flew the main sail. We were only averaging 4.5 – 5 knots, but 6 overground with the current. I made us a lunch of assorted European cheese’s, chutneys, nuts and fruit and served it with a lovely red wine.

After lunch we all took turns napping. For the first time in months I’m feeling rested. I miss my children and my Mum who I talk to every day on Skype, I miss my boys, Darling Hedley, my Greyhound, Nicho-San my Siamese and Moglie, Danni’s Whippet, but I know they are all in good hands with Daniela.

There’s not much in the way of wildlife to witness out here, it’s a bit too far from land for most birds. The sailing was flat enough for me to prepare a full dinner, I made a tricolor pasta, with a mushroom, pepper and cream sauce, a fresh arugula salad with nuts and balsamic and some crusty french bread. For desert we had coffee ice cream. I’s such a treat having ice cream on board, now our freezer is working at full capacity we can even make ice cubes, something we’ve never been able to do in this freezer.

My night watch was uneventful, I slept for a couple of hours after dinner and was fresh for my watch to start at 10pm. I read for the three hours.

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