Nutter’s who live on Boats!

Life’s rarely dull when you live on a boat, there always seems to be something going on.  Yesterday, just as we were getting ready to go ashore, the rally leader, Nigel, came tearing across in his dinghy to ask for help, as one of the rally boats had managed to go so close to the shore it was up on the rocks.  Needless to say everyone jumped in their dinghy’s to go across and see what could be done to get the stranded catamaran back in the water and off the rocks.  The tide was going out so time was critical.  None of the dinghy’s even with their combined efforts had enough power to pull the boat off and back into the water, after about 40 minutes of unsuccessful attempts, a local fishing boat arrived, thankfully with it’s 150hp engine it was able to pull the stranded cat back into the water.


How on earth the boat actually managed to get itself stuck there in the first place is something we can only guess at; they were apparently passing through the narrow channel into the bay at 5 knots, (I would have thought that much too fast), aside from that, there was little other information forthcoming regarding their predicament. I can only think that whoever was at the helm, wasn’t at the helm, or was simply not paying attention, it’s anyone’s guess!

In these situations where one of the boats is in any kind of trouble, it’s wonderful how everyone always pulls together to help, it really is a good group of people that we’re with in this rally. Cruisers are great people (in general).


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