New Zealand, We Have Arrived


Since I was eleven years old I’ve dreamed of New Zealand, the one place on earth I’ve really wanted to visit, maybe even live!

Today, Sunday 12th November 2016, at 2;30pm, New Zealand appeared on the horizon, the seas calmed, the wind picked up, and we headed towards her all sails fully up and Daisy proudly taking us safely in under clear blue skies. It is freezing cold, perhaps not as cold as Amelie and Bubbles in the Antartic, but compared to French Polynesia it’s cold.
As I write this we are still a few hours away from the marina which will be our new home for a few months. I’m filled with excitement, (and relief) the passage is behind us, and a New Zealand adventure is ahead. I still can’t believe I made this passage without losing my mind, it was without a doubt the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m so incredibly grateful to my amazing crew Ben and Dulce, I really couldn’t have maintained my sanity without these two amazing people, and of course Captain Bob always in control, and the most professional captain I have ever met.

As we sailed gracefully down through the Bay of Islands, I opened a bottle of champagne and made Dulce and I a Kir-Royal, and Gin and tonic’s for Bob and Ben and we all celebrated our arrival.

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