Komodo Dragons

This email from my husband:

Hi Heather
Just picked up a signal on the North side of Komoda island.
We are anchoring to go snorkeling.

This morning, early we went in to Rinca Island and went on a hike with 2 park Rangers. They told us they had seen a water buffalo who had been injured by a Dragon and if we wanted they would take us off the normal footpaths to go and see if the Dragons were feeding.

We got to a Large dried up water hole and in a mud pond in the middle was a dead water buffalo being torn apart by 5 dragons.
We spent 3 hours watching them and then some others who had picked up on the scent and decended into the water hole.

The Males were huge and occaisionally would stop feasting and start approaching us, tongues flicking! the rangers kept moving us out of lungeing distance.
We have some fantastic photos and had a magic time.

I can’t wait to see the photographs. I was awake worried for most of the night about my family being so close to the Komodo Dragons, they are such dangerous creatures, it’s such a relief to know they are all OK and had such an amazing time. WOW what an adventure.