Fun In Curacao

The Party Continues:

All eight of us with our Oysters are still here in Spanish Waters in Curacao; Bubbles, Crazy Daisy, Amelie and Babe…

Me, Leo, Bob & Karin at the bar 🙂

The fun we all have together seems never ending, trying not to be exclusive, we’ve also connected with a few other boat occupants (not Oysters) Atmos of Amsterdam, Skylark and Wild Berry. We are awaiting the arrival of Atmos from Bonaire, Skylark and Wild Berry are already here.

Dieuwke & Maurice from Atmos of Amsterdam

A few nights ago Wild Berry hosted a cocktail party. And while I’m not personally much of a fan of catamarans, Wild Berry was something really quite special, with a galley I would absolutely kill for and a living area the size of a small ballroom, the boat was enormous, much too big for my liking but a really fantastic party boat; the crew Adam, Sadie and Paul made us all very welcome and the evening was so much fun.
Louie, a local Curacao resident, and long time friend of Bob and me came along to the party and it was fabulous to catch up with him again and hear all his news.

The following night we were all a little jaded, so a quiet night at home was had by all, but that didn’t last long and last night we were all out on the town again, this time to my favorite restaurant in Curacao, “Mundo Bizaro”.

I love this little restaurant its right in the heart of Willemstad and has an eclectic, truly bizzar theme with amazingly great food. We had a table outside at roof level which was quite sensible as we were all (“BOB”) making quite alot of noise…

Following a scrumptious dinner with copious amounts of wine, we all trapsed through the colorful little streets to “Miles” the local cigar and jazz bar, for more wine and giggles. And we all, starting with Karen, emptied one by one the contents of our handbags onto the table, flashbacks to “Mary Poppins” carpetbag scene came flooding back to me as Karen emptied an enormous amount of stuff from her small bag.

Then, not to be left out, it was the turn of the guys to empty their pockets, Paul stole the night for entertainment as the items that (supposedly) emerged from his pockets were a large square ashtray, a table candle still in the bag, comb, credit cards, cash and another number of small items, we were all in hysterics by the time he finished. Bit of an unusual game but very entertaining when you’re all drunk as skunks LOL…

This afternoon we’re all going to Amelie for champagne and cocktails to celebrate Debbie and Stephens 13th wedding anniversary. I sometimes wonder whether my poor abused liver will ever recover from all this partying….

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