Email from Daisy in the Indian Ocean

Hi Heather,
it’s Tuesday 15th, we are on our 4th day of the passage to Cocos. All is well onboard. The weather has been good to us, it was good to get out of the dock in Bali, it was too hot and no breeze, so now to be out with fresh cool breezes is wonderful. The wind has been light but constant, so we have used the big Daisy for the last few days. Today the wind has been a little stronger but still light, so we swapped our yankee for the Genoa and have been merrily sailing behind it all day.

This morning I put out the fishhing line and caught a 43″ wahoo, that will provide meals for us for the next 2-3 days.

Daisy has been good, although that’s not to say that we havent had the usual list of maintenace fire drills. The water maker is not running at 100% so we had 2 or 3 goes at improving it, the generator did not start on one occaision, until I discovered a defective relay switch. And at the start of the passage we filled our diesel tanks right up to the top for the long passge, but as we healed on the first day the force of the diesel driving against the o rings on the inspection hatches, drove the diesel around the seals and caused us to have diesel slopping around under the cabin sole, making the whole boat reak of diesel.

Dannie wanted me to remind you that it was Moglies birthhday on the 11th, so you should treat him in some way for his birthday.

We are looking forward to Coco and expect to arrive there the day after tomorrow. It is supposed to have really good swimming and diving and Eddie and Dannie are really looking forward to diving now that they have their licenses. I hope things continue to be good with you and the dogs are behaving themselves. I’m sending this using our sat phone link to the Oceans mail> if you email to this address please remember that it sends before it recieves, so anything you send me, I wont get to read it until after I have sent you my latest email. Look after yourself luv Bob —- This e-mail was delivered via satellite phone using GMN’s XGate software. Please be kind and keep your replies short.