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Posts and photographs from Panama

Miss Nosey Parker

Friday 22nd February The ocean was quiet this morning and the water below Daisy was as clear as glass. I could see right to the ocean floor. Enormous eagle spotted rays swam past the boat. Late morning we took Whoops-a-Daisy around the west side of island and across to another small island which was covered […]

Nothing Here!

Thursday 21st February Today we were up early to set sail for Las Perlas, a group of islands about forty miles off the Panamanian coast. The weather was perfect (for me) really calm flat seas, and a light wind, sadly not enough to raise a sail, but it was a lovely crossing all the same. […]


Over the last six years of living on a boat I’ve learnt many tricks when it comes to provisioning, such as; never store glass bottles or plastic bags in a fridge, they cause condensation and cause a build up of water in the bottom of the fridge. Never bring cardboard boxes on board, they may […]

In The Pacific

Monday 18th February It’s a bit windy here in the bay this morning, and busy too, as the ferryboats blast by leaving all the Oysters bobbing around in their wake. I still can’t believe I’m in the Pacific, the water is quite calm, but unfortunately not that clean, so we won’t be making any water […]

Gatun Lake

Sunday 17th February We were all awake by 5am, one of our fun loving neighboring yachties used their loud haler to announce “Five am campers everyone up”. Our pilot for the day ‘Edwin’ was dropped off by the pilot boat before daylight, and by 6am our fleet was once again underway. The islands of rainforest […]

The Panama Canal

Saturday 16th February. The day has finally arrived where I will be transiting the canal, something I have wanted to do for a long time. The morning was quite frantic; a lot of chasing around, poor Edi was dealing with a hangover from the deepest darkest depths of Hell… However, he didn’t flinch from his […]

Quite a Lot of Nonsense.

Friday 15th February, It’s a fabulous party atmosphere here in Shelter Bay, the Oyster people are really helpful, and the other owners and crew are really friendly. We’re like a big happy (very busy) family. Fortunately for Ed there are lots of young people among the other boats, so thankfully he isn’t trapped with a […]

Return To Panama

It’s 6am on Thursday 14th February, and as I sit here on deck enjoying the gentle breeze, in the absolute peace and tranquility of the marina, the horror’s of yesterday melt away into the blue, blue yonder… Wednesday 13th February, it should have been Friday 13th! My day has not started well, and for once […]