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Oyster World Rally #3

Sunday 3rd July 2022 We’re still at Musket Cove, loving the peace and quiet out in the bay, as well as the restaurants, shops  and other facilities. The majority of the Oyster fleet are stern to here at the resort, in preparation for the party tonight.  Bob and I aren’t part of this rally, but because Daisy is an […]

Photo’s From The Outback, Northern Territory

    Kakadu National Park                

The Hole In The Wall, Really!

  Having enjoyed some of the most comfortable sailing I can remember, the Queensland coast will remain in my memory as a glorious place to sail. We had enjoyed the most gorgeous weather, fabulous wind conditions and truly breathtaking scenery.   On the 11th July we rounded the furthest most Northerly point of Australia, ‘Cape […]

Beautiful Queensland, Shame About the Nasties!

  Sailing up the coast of Queensland has been an absolute joy, it’s possibly one of the most beautiful coastlines I’ve ever seen, with the exception of New Zealand, of course.  I haven’t seen that much of Australia so far, but from what I have seen I’ve been surprised at just how much I like […]

Stranded on Stanley  Nautilus Search, Dinghy Drenching & Much Sighing!

  Monday 9th July 2018 Yesterday Bob, Stuart, Glenn and I undertook a somewhat bumpy dinghy ride across the bay to Stanley island, opposite our anchorage here off Flinders Island.  The beach looked so tempting( the old phrase “the grass is always greener” springs to mind here), and the rocky hillside promised to be an […]


Monday 2nd July 2018 Really, how can you not love train travel, this has to be my favorite form of transport.  If it was possible I would travel everywhere by train. It was Bob’s and my 40th (Ruby) wedding anniversary yesterday, and Bob had booked us into a lovely rainforest lodge for the night, in […]

Vegetarian or What?

  In a Nutshell: (well, at least my attempt to make this nutshell size ) I tell everyone that I’m a vegetarian, because I get ridiculously excited about fresh, organic vegetables.  This may stem from my having lived on a boat in the Islands for 11 years, where so many of my favorite vegetables and fruits have been unavailable […]

Heading North, Koala Bears & Spanish Mackerel

  Wednesday 20th June 2018 We left Hayman Island this morning at 8am, ‘sailing’ not motoring, so all were happy about that.  The weather is lovely, sunny, blue skies, but quite cold;  as usual I’m the only one in a t-shirt, everyone else has fleece’s and long pants. We’re heading for Magnetic Island, doubtful we’ll […]

Dinghy On The Loose!

  Friday 15th June 2018 I’m sure this has happened to more cruisers than will ever admit it; it’s certainly happened to us in the past.  You wake up in the morning and your dinghy has gone walk about’s (missing)! First thought “it’s been stolen” second and much more likely, “someone didn’t tie the painter […]

The Great Barrier Reef’  Waterfall.

  Thursday 14th June 2018 The sea was like glass in the bay this morning. In the absence of wind, we were forced to motor the 90 minutes from our beautiful Butterfly bay out to Line Reef, one of the closest of the outer reefs to the Whitsundays.  We were only a few minutes out […]