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The New Zealand Passage “from Hell”

  I always knew the passage to New Zealand was going to be bad, as so many cruisers had been keen to share tales of horror on this particular passage, which is why I refused to do the passage without crew. And Hell Yeah, It certainly lived up to its reputation of being rough, providing […]

The Sea-Saw Effect !

On a passage one has lots of time to think and daydream, resurrect memories and past experiences both good and bad that take you hurtling back to your past. Anyone who knows me will be fully aware that I have a memory like a sieve; most of the time I barely remember what happened last […]

Niue, Day Out, Contd…

  Matura Chasm at Hikutavake was just spectacular, the short walk down through the butterfly filled forest lead us into a chasm and out to a deep narrow rock pool between two towering cliffs of coral and limestone. The crystal clear water reflected the colors blue and turquoise of the sky above. The water looked […]

Niue, An Amazing Island

  Prior to leaving Tahiti, Niue was an Island I had never heard of. Although the glowing reports that had filtered through from other cruisers who had previously stopped there on their way to New Zealand, said that Niue was an Island not to be missed. 1,100 nautical miles west of Bora Bora, and 600 […]