Cape Town to St.Helena Update

Following a month in Cape Town South Africa, Daisy is once again at sea on her next leg to St. Helena. I received this email this morning from Captain Bob.
Hi Heather,
its Monday and we have completed our first day at sea on the passage to St Helena. We have covered just over 200 miles of the 1750 of our route. We took it easy on the first day, the seas were quite rolly as we tracked in the Benguela Current of the Coast of Africa, so we did not want to work out on the foredeck to set our Spinny Pole and as result we travelled slower than the boat and wind conditions could have delivered. After lunch today we have put the pole out and are now clocking off the miles at between 9 and 11 knots. Both Dannie and Graeme needed yesterday to be slow to help them regain their Sea Legs. Dannie was just a bit green but was not ill, Poor Graeme on the other hand was recycling his meals all day and most of the night. We are travelling alongside Serendipidy and just ahead of Wolfhound and in addition are in twice daily radio calls with the rest of the fleet, so our delays in leaving Cape Town did not leave us too isolated. The watermaker has performed well since all our work on it and Dasiy in general, seems to be enjoying all the tidying up and refurbishing we did to her during the month she was resting in Cape Town. We had just a couple of “Oh shits” in the first day from the work done. The sail makers refurbed all the sails and that included restitching and strengthening the batten pockets in the Main. This morning the top batten fell out of the top batten pocket for a burial at sea. ( they probably missed stitching the bottom of the pocket!!) also early this morning, one of our new Yankee sheets, fell off the sail clew. it came untied, this is probably, simply the new lines being stifff and slippery, so the Lazy line, with no pressure on it, just shook free. All are happy, on board. i hope winter in Atlanta is being kind to you. Luv Bob SV Crazy Daisy —-

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