Cannibal’s in Paradise!

While my boys, Bob and Ed are having an absolute blast on the island of Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia, as I write this my brother Paul is on the way back to join them. Paige, Ed’s girlfriend will also be flying out in the next couple of weeks, meanwhile I’m here in England wondering what arrangements I can possibly make to get back out there and join them all. Bob writes daily regaling me with tales of their fabulous adventures and how I’m missing out on all the fun and I really should get back.

However, while I’m very keen to get back I can’t help a nervous feeling for the safety of my family. I do realize I’m being somewhat dramatic (nothing new there!), but since living on Daisy for the last six years, I’ve heard so many real horror stories from such reliable sources I can’t help but worry.

Did you know that Nuka Hiva has a history of cannibalism (as do many of the Pacific islands)?

Although the practice is believed to have ceased, there was a case only five years ago of a German yachtsman ‘Stefan Ramin’, who was reported as being eaten by cannibals on Nuku Hiva. His charred remains, bones, teeth and melted fillings were discovered in the ashes of a campfire in a remote valley on the island, his clothes were also discovered nearby, raising fears that he had been attacked and eaten by cannibals.

A search party of 22 policeman was to look for Henri Haiti, the local guide believed to be the last person to have seen Stefan alive.

After setting off with Stefan on a goat hunting trip, Mr Haiti returned to tell Stefan’s girlfriend Heike Dorsch, that there had been an accident and Stefan had been injured. When Heike tried to raise the alarm, Mr Haiti allegedly attacked her and tied her to a tree, before fleeing the scene. After several hours Heike escaped and alerted the authorities. The army was called in to join the search for Mr Haiti.

The deputy mayor of Nuku Hiva ‘Deborah Kimitete’, told reporters that she couldn’t believe what had happened, she said “this has never happened here before, this is the first time, it’s horrible”.

I suppose it could be said I’m over reacting by worrying about my boys out there, people keep telling me they’re safer there than they would be on mainland America, and I guess that’s true, but I wonder!


  • Paul
    Posted April 14, 2013 at 6:40 pm | Permalink

    I read this a while back. But hey, some bloke was killing and eating folk in London for years before he was caught!

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