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No Fixed Address: Tales of a Reluctant Sailor, is my first book, it follows the adventures of (me) Heather, a housewife who was terrified of deep water, but allowed her husband to convince her to sell the family home and relocate (with her Siamese cat) to their sailboat in the Caribbean.

The story follows our 2 year sailing adventures south through the West Indies, then west across the remote Venezuelan islands, eventually arriving at the ‘ABC’ islands, (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao). Then picking up the story 6 months later back in St.Maarten, and more adventures on the incredible island of St.Barts

It’s a comical and sometimes terrifying adventure that tells of my determination and commitment to follow my husbands dream. The story gives a brutally honest, no holds barred account of life onboard. It tells of my clumsy, inept, sometimes hysterically funny attempts to embrace my role as first mate, my terror on the high seas, and amusing analogy of the adventures we undertake along the way, coupled with some delicious Caribbean recipes, comical illustrations by my daughter Nicolette, photographs and island information. My book is light-hearted, humorous, informative and uplifting, a compelling read for anyone who has ever dreamed of leaving conventional living behind and running away to sea. I hope you enjoy…

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