Beauty & the Beast!

Still in the lagoon at Falaga. We moved anchorge today from, what I shall always remember as ‘Mosquito Bay’, to another  bay in the lagoon, that I shall think of as ‘Mini Conch Bay’.  Once safely anchored, we took the dinghy ashore to explore. 

Whoops-a-Daisy Captain, Glenn Whoops-a-Daisy Captain, Glenn

This beach was so much nicer than the slimy mud  flats of yesterday, and the rocky areas around the beaches were layered with literally thousands and thousands of tiny Conch shells, Cones and Ceriths, sadly for me they were all occupied and so not collectible.  However, Bob found me a small Nautilus shell, and another good size shell that I’ve yet to identify.  

Mystery Shell! Mystery Shell!

We had so much fun combing the beaches, and paddling through the crystal clear water, the sand was lovley, white, soft and clean (totally slime free) and the many islands of coral, like enormous coral mushrooms, with little palm trees growing on the top of them were stunning.  There were cave like openings in the coral that seperated us from the outside reef, where we could see through to the ocean beyond. There was more wind today, and happilly no mosquitoes on this part of the island.

Falaga Lagoon Fiji Falaga Lagoon Fiji

Falaga really is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever seen,  but I could seriously do without all the mosquitoes, it feels like being back in the Caribbean.  The 8 years we spent in the Caribbean were miserable for me as there were so many mosuitoes and their bites were really horrible, they itched for days, even weeks sometimes, taking forever to heal.  

When we arrived in the Pacific 4 years ago, I was so happy because there were hardly any mosquitoes, and on the odd occassions that I have been bitten, it’s barely itched, and even then not for long. I’ve hardly had any mosquito bites in the last 4 years, up until this week; tonight as I sit here writing this, I’m itching like crazy, my arms, legs and feet are on fire. Thankfully, again unlike the Caribbean, the nights here in the Pacific are cool.  No matter how hot the days are, the nights are blissfully comfortable, sometimes even cold, that helps a little with the burning mossie bites.  

Falaga is incredibly beautiful, but the mosquitoes are a beast…

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