Another Adventure

The clock’s ticking, counting down the days to our departure which is set for Monday 20th May, weather permitting.

Crazy Daisy is taking part in the Pacific Circuit Rally.  An organized rally of around 40 boats sailing from New Zealand to Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, over a period of five months.

We’re so happy to have our good friend Glenn, join us as crew, as well as Edi and Paige, who hope to join us in Tonga.


I’m really looking forward to visiting these fabulous islands again, although New Caledonia will be a first, I’ll need to brush up on my French.

The last five months have all been about preparing Daisy,  a very long list of jobs, which is almost complete, I say almost, the job list on any boat is never fully completed.  Also Bob hurt his back, about a month ago which set the work back,  he’s better now but has had to work day and night for the last couple weeks to catch up, so we’re ship shape and ready to go.

In between all the boat work we bought a house here in beautiful New Zealand, so leaving is bittersweet, I’m really excited about sailing the Islands again, but at the same time I would love to be here setting up my new home. That will just have to wait till we’re back in November.

I’m a little better equipped  for all the hiking ahead this trip. I have a set of hiking poles (a present from Matt, Glenn’s very generous brother) and proper walking shoes, they’re not very glamorous, but very practical and will hopefully help me drag my old pins up the volcanos and other mountainous peaks that Bob intends to drag me to.

Obviously Internet will be sketchy for the next five months, but I’m going to try and post our adventures as often as I can.

So, watch this space as our adventure unfolds…

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