And So It Goes…

Tuesday July 28th 2015.

It’s just over three months since we started this refit on Daisy. Bob had researched varnishes and decided that a water based varnish was the way to go, sadly this meant that all the wood (currently sporting an oil based varnish) throughout the main saloon, galley, workshop & guest cabin foyer had to be stripped. All the doors had to come off, fittings removed, ceiling panels down etc, etc, etc… It took the best part of six weeks to strip all the old varnish off, a messy, smelly job; this was followed by weeks and weeks of sanding, all while living on the boat (not recommended).
There have been times throughout this refit of ours where I have wanted to run screaming to the hills, but each day left me so exhausted I barely had the energy to crawl through all the fittings and piles of “stuff” to my bed, let alone run anywhere…
Many of the jobs we’ve undertaken over the years on Daisy have proven difficult, demanding and exhausting, but this refit takes the biscuit!

It’s always hard working on a boat in a lovely marina surrounded by people enjoying themselves, sipping cocktails, lounging around the pool or sunbathing with a book on the deck, it somehow makes all the work we’re doing that much more difficult, and I try my best as I walk around the marina looking like the local bag lady covered in sanding dust, not be jealous.

Usually Daisy is one of, if not the best, boat in most marinas (Oysters are magnificent boats) and I would so love to be lounging around in fancy swim attire with a cocktail in hand, but I console myself by enjoying the beautiful surroundings a glass of wine and the prospect of the end of the refit in sight.

I have to add that despite all the exhausting, dusty, messy work, she is starting to look lovely, the wood has come up beautifully, much better than I thought it would, and once our new blinds and curtains are fitted, and the newly upholstered sofa’s, seats and cushions are in place, it will feel like home again. We have probably one week more until we finish and then we can set sail (finally) to meet up with our friends in Bonaire.
Of course there is still the next job (there is always more on a boat) which will be to do the master cabin and guest cabins, and all “the floors” Oh Joy!

When Daisy is presentable (hopefully in a week or two) I will post photographs of her new interior, in the meantime I continue with the varnishing…

Gotta Love Boat Life 🙂

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