A Day of Problems, I suppose it had to be expected!

Tuesday, March 8th 2016 Day Three

Today started out beautifully. After a lovely nights sleep I woke to another gorgeous day
a little more wind, also the sea was a little rougher, some white water, but nothing to worry me about.
After breakfast Bob and Louis changed the sails so we could take advantage of the extra wind, this meant a slight change in course direction, but nothing major. As the morning wore on, the seas got rougher and Daisy started to rock and roll, that horrible motion where you constantly just roll from side to side, I don’t function at all under these conditions, so I went to bed, laying down was all I was capable of.

Next, our water maker had problems, this lead to a day of poor Louis and Bob trying to work to diagnose the problem below decks. Our food today was basically packet soup as I was incapable of doing anything in the galley. Horrible day, didn’t enjoy it at all, felt dizzy and exhausted all day.

Night watch was not too bad, things had settled down a little bit by 10pm. I was praying for a better sailing day tomorrow.

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