Party Time in the Marqueses

This-morning I received this email from Bob. It sounds as though they’re having a blast, I’m so wishing I was there. Oh well, I’m really happy that they’re all having so much fun…

I am Safely in the Marquesas after 3000 miles of open water. The terrain is stunning and dramatic. The Polynesian peolpe are french but friendly and very large (sponge bob square pants eat your heart out)

Edd is out partying on Dreams Come True. They sent out an open invite to the young crowd “come and bring a bottle.

Tommorrow we have Oyster organiszed events, it started today with radio interviews and then TV cameras. Tomorrow there is displays of local dancing, a horse race around the village, and then a Party and meal all afternoon and into the evening.

Saturday we are taking Daisy to another bay where we will buddy up with Steve and Debbie from Amelie to hike up into the forest to a spectacular waterfall and then in the evening there is a resident in the Bay who runs a traditional Cuisine sort of restaurant where we will eat. Sunday we return to This bay where we have hired 4 quads, a guide and us 3. We quad up through the jungle and along the mountain Ridges to view some of the remote locations of local history and spectucular formations and valleys and fuana etc (we are really just going To have an excuse to have a blast getting really muddy)

Monday is beyond our planning horizon but we will update you when the haze clears.


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