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Vegetarian or What?

  In a Nutshell: (well, at least my attempt to make this nutshell size ) I tell everyone that I’m a vegetarian, because I get ridiculously excited about fresh, organic vegetables.  This may stem from my having lived on a boat in the Islands for 11 years, where so many of my favorite vegetables and fruits have been unavailable […]

Heading North, Koala Bears & Spanish Mackerel

  Wednesday 20th June 2018 We left Hayman Island this morning at 8am, ‘sailing’ not motoring, so all were happy about that.  The weather is lovely, sunny, blue skies, but quite cold;  as usual I’m the only one in a t-shirt, everyone else has fleece’s and long pants. We’re heading for Magnetic Island, doubtful we’ll […]

Dinghy On The Loose!

  Friday 15th June 2018 I’m sure this has happened to more cruisers than will ever admit it; it’s certainly happened to us in the past.  You wake up in the morning and your dinghy has gone walk about’s (missing)! First thought “it’s been stolen” second and much more likely, “someone didn’t tie the painter […]

The Great Barrier Reef’  Waterfall.

  Thursday 14th June 2018 The sea was like glass in the bay this morning. In the absence of wind, we were forced to motor the 90 minutes from our beautiful Butterfly bay out to Line Reef, one of the closest of the outer reefs to the Whitsundays.  We were only a few minutes out […]

Boobies in the Bedroom!

  Friday 16th June 2018 Life’s always full of surprises when you live on a boat, and surprise visitors happen frequently, sometimes uninvited visitors!  As Lesley and I were preparing dinner tonight, twas to be a delicious fare, consisting of Lesley’s sautéed cabbage with cumin seeds & turmeric, my soufflé potatoes, vegetarian & pork sausages […]

Birds Behaving Badly!

Following my excitement and rather pathetic endeavors to photograph a Cockatoo about 70 feet at the top of a tree with my powerful Nikon zoom lens; we arrived at Hamilton Island to find dozens of them everywhere. Common as sparrows here in Australia, the Cockatoo’s are literally everywhere and brazen with it. They’re a great […]

The Whitsunday’s The Oyster Group letting Their Hair Down

  Sunday 10/06/18 The majority of the Oyster boats gathered in the marina at Hamilton Island, in the Whitsunday’s. Settling in alongside they all raised their Oyster banner’s. View of Hamilton Island Marina Sadly the number of boats in the rally has shrunk quite a bit from the start, as people keep dropping out for […]

Meeting the Koala Bear’s

I’ve never really agreed with keeping wild animals in captivity, although, sadly in the future it may be the only way to ensure the survival of many endangered species. I’m appalled and disgusted by “trophy hunters”, they are vile creatures, who have no respect for our planet or its precious wildlife, no one, even governments seem […]

2017, in a Nutshell!

Saturday 2/05/18 While preparing to write my blog this morning, I scanned back through my posts and discovered that 2017 was missing. How could I do that, miss an entire year? As it was, 2017 was a really  busy year for us, we were doing all sorts of traveling and sailing a lot,  and I injured my […]

Wallaby’s on the Beach

  Tuesday 29/05/18 Our next trip out from Mackay started at 5am, as Bob, Glenn and I headed out to Hillsborough National Park to see the Wallaby’s and kangaroo’s on the beach. It was a 90 minute drive and we arrived just after daybreak. Having grabbed a coffee from the cafe we headed down to […]