Monthly Archives: September 2015

Rats Aboard!

There’s always lots of fun in the boating world, some of it’s silly fun, and some of it just hysterical; Yesterday was hysterical. Bob and I were getting ready for the equipment to arrive to remove the boom, when I spotted a rat onboard, rats run rampant here in the boatyard but we were still […]

Fun In Curacao

The Party Continues: All eight of us with our Oysters are still here in Spanish Waters in Curacao; Bubbles, Crazy Daisy, Amelie and Babe… Me, Leo, Bob & Karin at the bar 🙂 The fun we all have together seems never ending, trying not to be exclusive, we’ve also connected with a few other boat […]

Life Changes…

It’s taken me a while to get back to writing again, the last few months have been so incredibly busy, with all the work Bob and I have been doing on Daisy we’ve had precious little time to ourselves, our days stared at sunrise and we worked until we were too tired to do anything […]