Monthly Archives: November 2013

Oh Dear Lord!

That dreaded time (for me) has finally arrived. I’ve lived in fear of this next passage for Daisy for the last year. Even though I’m not onboard right now, more importantly, my family are, with the exception of Nicolette who (thankfully) is here in Atlanta. The passage from Durban to Cape Town, South Africa is […]

News from the Crazies

Hi Heather We are all good, it is the 3rd day of our passage to SA. We have had good wind all day and into the night. The 1st 2 days were almost windless. We wanted to conserve our fuel and not get to crossing the Current of SA too early so we sailed most […]

Daisy On The Front Page

Here’s a link to Sails Magazine Oct/Nov featuring the Oyster World rally, and Daisy is on their front page. GO DAISY 🙂