Monthly Archives: October 2013

Update from Daisy in the Indian Ocean

Having received this email from Captain Bob last night, I’m thinking that I wouldn’t be weathering the storm as well as the current Crazy Daisy crew. I can imagine only too well what life onboard has been like for the last few days Crazy Daisy email received Thursday evening: Just an update to let you […]

Daisy in Cocos (Keeling) Islands

It’s rather embarrassing to admit that until recently I had never heard of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. But then why would I, they’re a tiny group of coral atolls in the Indian ocean, 26 in all, on the other side of the world, 1700 miles and two time zones to the west of Perth, Australia. […]

Lost At Sea

I frightened myself half to death earlier today. Several times a day I log on to the “Yellowbrick” tracking site to check on Daisy’s progress. Those of you that have been following Daisy’s circumnavigation will probably be very familiar with Yellowbrick. Anyway, this afternoon when I logged on I couldn’t find Daisy! I reopened the […]

Email from Daisy in the Indian Ocean

Hi Heather, it’s Tuesday 15th, we are on our 4th day of the passage to Cocos. All is well onboard. The weather has been good to us, it was good to get out of the dock in Bali, it was too hot and no breeze, so now to be out with fresh cool breezes is […]

Food For Thought!

While chatting to Bob (my husband) the other day, the conversation we were having really made me think. We were talking about something Debbie, (one of the Oyster Rally coordinators) was doing, she was organizing some fund-raising for one of the local orphanages in Indonesia. I said that I really hoped the fleet would all […]

The Best Eggs, REALLY

I could never be vegan because I love eggs, giving up meat is possible for me, but eggs I just couldn’t do it. However, having said that I will only buy free range organic eggs. I like to know where the eggs come from, I need to know that they really are free range, meaning […]

Hi Pitched give away!

So, a few days ago I went into one of the local body shops, to get an estimate to repair some scratches on my car door, BLOODY HELL, I wish I hadn’t gone in, they wanted $980…… While I was at the barn recently one of the barn dogs jumped up against my car door […]

Welsh Meat, I wish. I’m on my Soapbox again!!!

This post is not in any way related to Daisy and her currently amazing antics in the fabulous islands of Indonesia, instead its about my mostly ‘unexciting’ life back here in Atlanta. When I first moved to America I was consistently told the same thing “Oh I love your accent, I just love to hear […]