Monthly Archives: September 2013

Komodo Dragons

This email from my husband: Hi Heather Just picked up a signal on the North side of Komoda island. We are anchoring to go snorkeling. This morning, early we went in to Rinca Island and went on a hike with 2 park Rangers. They told us they had seen a water buffalo who had been […]

Daisy in Indonesia

Monday 23rd September, Crazy Daisy arrived in Kupang, Indonesia. According to all reports it had been a peaceful but windless sail, with Daisy motoring for 70% of the leg. The entire crew is loving Kupang and throughly enjoying the experience, visiting the local food markets, tasting the street food (Oh I hope their stomachs stand […]

The Rescue Process

Stepping away briefly from the Crazy Daisy news; they are still on their way around the East/North shores of Australia, so I’m not getting much news due to the poor satellite signals, I hope to have some news (and contact) this weekend. In the meantime, I’m still working hard on promoting my book and working […]

Where is Crazy Daisy?

For the last seven weeks, Crazy Daisy and crew have been in Australia. They’re currently making their way up the East Coast heading for Darwin. Daisy’s crew has seen a few changes since arriving in Hamilton Island, Australia. Danni, my youngest daughter joined the crew at the beginning of August, and Shawn (Stephanie’s boyfriend) joined […]