Monthly Archives: January 2013

Crazy Daisy Update

Friday night email from Bob……………. Hi Heather. We are in the little bar on Lemon Cays. Edward and Paul are about to try the Internet. There are only 2 outlets. No wireless. Don’t know whether the outlets will be fast enough to support skype. Look and see if Edd or Paul shows up on line. […]

Arrived in Paradise

I received an email last night at seven to say that my crazy crew had arrived safely, and had dropped anchor in a lovely part of the San Blas, known as “the swimming pool” (because the water there is as clear as crystal and the color of a swimming pool). Sadly the Internet signal in […]

January 22nd, Not far Now.

Following a few days rest and relaxation, Daisy and her crazy crew left Isle Rosario yesterday morning on their way to the San Blas islands. My crazy crew will relax again in the San Blas for a couple of weeks before finishing the first leg of the circumnavigation and meeting me in Panama. The sail […]

January 19th, The Truth Will Out…

So, I’m realizing from reading my son’s blogs, that Bob is very careful about how much accurate information he gives me regarding the little (and large) faux-pah’s that occur onboard Daisy. I get a brief, sugar coated account from Bob, then the no holds barred, actual account of real events from Edi. At least I […]

January 19th Another Day

Another email demonstrating my husbands talent as a writer, I have to wonder is there anything he is not good at! Hi Heather, We are safely anchored in the Rosario Islands attached and below are todays ponderings. Another Day It’s another day, no not a refresher of the last day, but another day. Totally new, […]

January 17th. The Sea Brings Forth The Poet!

Another rather poetic email from Bob in Cartegena, I think the atmosphere was having an effect on him, read on. Good Morning Heather, I am sat on deck, clear blue skies, looking over the morning scenes of Catagena waking up. The unreal juxter positions of The gleaming Miami Vice skyline one side of the bay […]

January 16th, High Winds…

So here is a snipit from Bob’s last email. I was questioning him why they were heading to the San Blas, when Graeme had plane tickets from Panama (on Friday 18th). F.Y.I Both Porvenir and Rio Diablo have little airports, well actually “airport” is stretching it a bit, both islands have a garden shed that […]

January 13th, Waterlogged…

Crazy Daisy arrived in the calm waters of Curacao yesterday, where they had decided to stop and have a good nights rest, that was after changing the rig. This apparently took a while, I can’t elaborate as I wasn’t (thankfully) there, however, it was, according to Captain Bob “quite an exhausting exercise”, I can only […]

January 12th, on route to the ABC’s

Crazy Daisy is almost at Aruba. She is the second boat in the fleet, others are taking their time enjoying sailing down the West Indies island chain, while Crazy Daisy is busting a gut to get to Panama to meet one of the crew’s deadlines!!! I have to ask myself WHY we are ALWAYS chasing […]

January 9th Leaving St.Maarten

Today at 2:30 Daisy left St.Maarten, and is heading for Panama. It’s a non-stop trip that should take about six days, this is of course depending upon the weather. The winds are currently blowing around 28 – 38 knots but gusting stronger. If you want to follow them use the yellowbrick tracking and you can […]