Why I Hate Cruise Ships

In response to so many of you who have already bombarded me with messages and emails regarding my discrimination of cruise ships.

Yes, I have taken a cruise, two actually in my life, both before I was 20 and both of them not at all to my liking; being stuck on a ship (no matter how luxurious)  with 4000/6000 other people, loud halers booming out all day, announcing the next “entertainment”, OMG please shoot me now, it’s just not for me AT ALL.

However, I do appreciate that there are many thousands of people who love to cruise, my beloved great aunt Mary, was one of them, bless her, she spent the last 20 years of her life just cruising the worlds oceans, totally oblivious of the damage to the environment the cruise ships were reaping upon our precious planet..

The thing I truly hate about cruise ships is the BILLIONS of tons of sewerage and waste that they carelessly spew out into our oceans. This has a devastating effect on the oceans corals, life, and everything that lives in the ocean, not to mention the billions of gallons of fuel their engines burn contributing to global warming.

No, I’m not a fan of cruise ships, I would ban them totally if I was able. If you disagree with me that’s your prerogative, but before you do look at the facts.

Cruise ships contribute hugely towards the destruction of our planet…

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