Upcoming Madness

As the time for Grenada carnival approaches, all sorts of weird and wonderful things can be witnessed around the Island. The entire place seems to buzz with anticipation and excitement. It would seem that Carnival is license for any type of behavior. I’ve only been fortunate enough to see the Grenada Carnival once, that was back in 2008, it was truly amazing, I loved it, the colors, the atmosphere, the crazy, fabulous costumes. I took more photographs in one day than I usually take in six months. Carnival is a photographers dream, there’s just so much to see. Of course we will probably miss it this year as we are making preparations to sail Daisy to Bonaire to meet up with Amelie, Bubbles & Babe. That’s where our madness will begin… I’m so excited to return to Bonaire it’s a beautiful island and despite having survived a hurricane there back in 2008, I’m still very anxious to return and meet up with everyone.
In the meantime Bob and I continue our efforts sanding and cleaning, all being well we plan to start the varnishing today, fingers crossed…

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