Falling Sails and The Italian Chef…

My most recent email from Captain Bob, received this-morning. Bare in mind they are 10 hours behind us in the UK, and 5 hours behind the USA, which leaves me in a permanent state of confusion trying to figure out what time it is with them. They’re going to bed as I’m getting up, it’s very strange!

My Crazy Daisy crew on their way to the atolls of Tuamotus. The Tuamotus used to be like the Marquesas, but over time they’ve grown large fringing coral reefs, like the Society islands (Tahiti) have today. The Tuamotus are older than the Societies and much of the islands have worn away leaving only the fringing reefs. The reefs are very much alive and continue to grow. The water between the islands are thousands of feet deep, but inside the lagoons the water is about 100 ft (30m) deep. There are lots of coral heads that reach the surface which can make navigating the lagoons a little treacherous, anyway enough history and geography from me. Here’s Daisy’s latest news…

All is good here on the boat.
I tried to send you an email when we left but after we were outside of range i noticed a returned message on my blackberry. Never Mind.

It is very hot today, we have no wind and have given up trying to sail.
When we left had a really great days sail.
Yesterday the wind was lighter, but we put up the big Red Daisy (the A sail) and had another greats day sail, until late afternoon when the Halyard holding up the top of the Big sail Broke! I had previously said to Ed what is that rubbing or sawing sound? We concluded it was something wrong and rubbing on the halyard. Ed said to me as the sun was setting, how much longer will we leave the sail up? But before I could Answer, FLOP!! it was down and under the boat getting dragged.

It took us 2 hours to get it unstuck from under the boat and back on deck.
Now we are left without a light weather sail, so after trying our 2 head sails unsuccessfully, we gave up and have to motor for 2 or 3 hours. Talking to some boats in front of us, they had the same weather and then it filled in, so hopefully the same will happen to us.

The sea is very flat and very pretty with blue skies and fluffy clouds, we saw Dolphins when we left but not much else since, just a huge horizon to horizon star filled night skies.

We are eating very well, Erio cooked us Spagetti Carbonara before we left the bay and then we had a garlic and ginger Chicken stir fry that night.

Right now I can smell Aubergine a la pamigiana that Erio is cooking for Lunch and we are having Chili Lime Shrimp tonight.

We expect to Arrive in Makemo tomorrow, We have spoken to Stephen on Amelie this morning ad he is just arriving there. We are going to meet up and go diving together. They have their own tanks and we will use our Hooka.

I hope things are working out well on the book front and you and your mum enjoyed the visit to see Dad.

Use this email until I let you know I have Gmail again.

Missing you, >>>>>get out here!!!!!

luv Bob xxxxxx

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