Quite a Lot of Nonsense.

Friday 15th February,
It’s a fabulous party atmosphere here in Shelter Bay, the Oyster people are really helpful, and the other owners and crew are really friendly. We’re like a big happy (very busy) family. Fortunately for Ed there are lots of young people among the other boats, so thankfully he isn’t trapped with a group of ‘oldies’, he’s able to hang out with his peers, or should I say “rum swilling buddies”. Yesterday was very busy with all the last minute preparations for transiting the canal on Saturday. We had to get as much done as possible as we knew we wouldn’t have any opportunity to do any work today because we have the “Fort Lorenzo Pirate Party” this afternoon. This is where all the Oyster owners and crew get to dress up like pirates, in some very silly costumes, then board our assigned busses for the 20 minutes drive out to Fort Lorenzo, where Chef Chris and staff were waiting with a delicious three course meal and unlimited wine and beer. The fort was in a breathtakingly beautiful location, and both Oyster and Chef Chris and his staff did us proud with the marquee and refreshments. We all ate well and drank far too much, explored the fort and took some stunning photographs, it was a wonderful afternoon filled with much merriment and nonsense. For some… the merriment continued into the night and early morning hours back at the marina. Meanwhile Bob and I returned to Daisy and spent the night working, we still had so much to do to get her ready for the canal transit on Saturday.
Dasiy underway…This photograph curtsey of Oyster Yachts


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