Paradise Cove Resort

It was only thanks to that obnoxious, bad tempered little Frenchman, that we had the misfortune to encounter in Manta Ray Bay, that we found this idyllic place. I can’t believe, we’ve been to Manta Ray Bay so many times, over so many years, and we never knew this lovely spot existed, it’s literally just around the corner.

View across to Waya Island

We’re anchored in the pass between two islands Naukacuvu Island and Nanuya Balavu Island; the lovely Paradise Cove resort is on Naukacuvu Island, and nestled happily amongst the coconut palms, you can barely see the resort from the ocean, there are palm fringed tiki huts on the beach offering shade, but the resort itself is tucked out of sight amongst all the beautiful foliage.

view to the resort from Daisy

I think it must be a fairly new resort as I can’t find any mention of it in my guide book (which admittedly is a few years old), but check out their website

Bob and I took lunch there yesterday, and the food was delicious, the staff were super friendly, and the location was just idyllic. We had a table overlooking the ocean where we ate succulent shrimp in a coconut sauce and sipped champagne.

The beach is soft white sand and the water crystal clear. It’s apparently a great spot for divers and there is also a wreck just waiting to be explored, not far from the resort. We usually only stop for a night or two on our trips around the islands, but this will be our fifth night here, which shows how much we love it.

The only downside, if there could possibly be one (for us out in the bay on a yacht) is that the helicopter bringing guests in and taking others out, is flying in several times a day and it’s noisy, other than that, this is Paradise it’s perfect…

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