Nothing Here!

Thursday 21st February
Today we were up early to set sail for Las Perlas, a group of islands about forty miles off the Panamanian coast. The weather was perfect (for me) really calm flat seas, and a light wind, sadly not enough to raise a sail, but it was a lovely crossing all the same. It took us just five hours.

We dropped anchor just off the island of Pacheca, the first in the chain of islands.

This island is inhabited by thousands of frigate birds, pelicans, cormorants and boobies. The sky is black with them; it seriously is like a scene from the movie “The Birds”.


For dinner I cooked the Wahoo that Byron (another Oyster occupant) gave me, it was absolutely delicious. I marinade it with limejuice, thyme, garlic, onion, olive oil, tomatoes, olives, capers, and a few other ingredients, and served it with stir-fried peppers, carrots and sweet corn.

After dinner Bob and I watched another episode of “Falling Skies”, a very silly series that we’re following. That night we enjoyed a blissful nights sleep in the gently rocking bay with a cooling breeze drifting through the open hatches. It’s difficult not to sleep well on a boat when it’s in a peaceful anchorage.

One of the Panama sailing guides state’s that “there’s nothing here”! Nothing here is exactly what Bob and I are looking for out here.


You can keep your noisy bars, nightclubs, crowds and casino’s. This is true bliss…

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