Niue, Day Out, Contd…


Matura Chasm at Hikutavake was just spectacular, the short walk down through the butterfly filled forest lead us into a chasm and out to a deep narrow rock pool between two towering cliffs of coral and limestone. The crystal clear water reflected the colors blue and turquoise of the sky above.


The water looked so tempting but was quite cold, both Bob and Paul got in and swam to the end of the chasm leading out to the ocean beyond, although were not able to pass the rocks leading out into the ocean. Trish and I stayed back in the shade of the cliffs and just paddled in the rock pools. Back at the car a little later, Bob and Paul used the freshwater showers to freshen up and rid themselves of the salt water, while I pulled a chilled bottle of lovely white wine from the cooler (that I had packed, just in case!) and we sat under the shade of the trees at a picnic bench and enjoying the wine while watching the butterflies.


It was approaching lunchtime and Trish and I had already decided that we were going to the Scenic resort for lunch. It was just a 15-20 minute drive back. When we arrived the resort was undergoing some expansion and renovation, but were still open for business so we took a table overlooking the pool deck and the ocean far below. The scenery was once again spectacular and we all marveled again at how lucky we are to be living this very spoilt life.


We ordered fish and chips (always true to our English heritage) for lunch, with another couple of bottles of wine. The wine was lovely and the fish and chips the best I’ve had since leaving England.

Crazy Babe Gang :) Crazy Babe Gang 🙂

The rest of the afternoon and early evening was spent lounging around the hotel pool chatting to a couple of the guests and siping cocktails. Neither Trish nor I wanted to leave and considered booking a couple of rooms for the night. However Daisy and Babe were calling, we needed to get back and take care of boat stuff!


Niue is not an easy destination, you can only get there by private yacht, or a flight, twice a week in season, once a week, out of season, from Auckland, New Zealand. Niue has only one resort (Scenic), and the small town of Alofi has a supermarket, Indian restaurant (excellent), ice cream shop, yacht club, bank, post office, tourist office and other small shops and gift stores. You are able to rent a car and its worth doing because this tiny island has so much to offer.

Sadly, we were only here for four days as we needed to head off to Tonga and then New Zealand ahead of Cyclone season which starts in November. However, we were all so impressed with the tiny nation of Niue, we all plan to come back next year and spend at least a few weeks in this special place.

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