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Hi Heather We are all good, it is the 3rd day of our passage to SA. We have had good wind all day and into the night. The 1st 2 days were almost windless. We wanted to conserve our fuel and not get to crossing the Current of SA too early so we sailed most of the time, that meant we only travelled at between 2 & 5 knots.

Yesterday we had the Daisy up all day, just to keep us moving and it was hot hot hot!!! Today the wind that we have has much cooler air. Our last day in Reunion was a mixed day. As you know, Dannie did not get to do her Paragliding, we waited on the side of the mountain for a few hours but the pilots said the wind was too strong and had holes in it, so we had to abandon the flight.

Eddie on the other hand really enjoyed his Mountain bike ride from the top of the mountain all the way to the bottom. he did not get back until late afternoon, we took him at 6:30 am but after the ride he had a bus ride back followed by a jog to the port.

The port itself used to be a commercial port with a Marina attached and is currently being converted to be a full leisure port. The Harbour officils and local administrators were all trying really hard to promote what it could be, and as more sail boats do more passages like this, it will be very nice. They already have quite a lot of small support businesses established on the portside, Chandleries, riggers, sail makers etc. And they have a couple of bars and restaurants.

The restaurant we used most was really friendly, serving good food (they catered for the Oyster party, with Duck). It was so good I had it 3 more times.

These guys should get a mention on your blog as they are trying so hard, and the rigger/sailmaker took a batch of your cards to display to promote your book. His name is Benoit Coppens, and his Business is calld La Voilerie du Port.

Sean and Stephie spent the last day at a small french coastal town with a beach, where they swam and sat at the beach front bar and coffee shops all day (typical South of France feel). At the end of the 1st day at Sea Stephie announced that she had been fighting a sore throat and runnie nose! Unfortunately by the time she told us, she had already spent the day handling dishes and helping prepare food. So now she is nearly out of it but each of us have some sniffles and poor Eddie is working thru blocked sinus’s.

Sean bought new fishing lures before we left and has been trying to catch fish using a fancy squid thing that the guy in the shop sold to him (as great). This morning before Sean got up, I put the line in with a normal fish type lure and caught another 3+ ft wahoo that we will have to eat over the next 2-3 days.

We are travelling with Wolfhound and can either see them or see them on the AIS most of the time. We expect to get into Richards Bay late Friday or Saturday. I will probably write again before that.
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