January 16th, High Winds…

So here is a snipit from Bob’s last email. I was questioning him why they were heading to the San Blas, when Graeme had plane tickets from Panama (on Friday 18th). F.Y.I Both Porvenir and Rio Diablo have little airports, well actually “airport” is stretching it a bit, both islands have a garden shed that doubles as a check in office and customs next to a small airstrip, but its enough to get a small jet to Panama.

This photo taken of Edi in the San Blas Christmas 2011


Hi Heather, The reason for heading to the San Blas is that they are on the way to anywhere in Panama. Our idea was to see if we could get Graeme to Porvenir Or Rio Diablo to get a flight to Panama City, so we could stop and chill on the San Blas for a while before going to Shelterbay. However the weather on the Columbian Coast has not matched the Weather forecasts. The day has been clear and sunny but the winds and waves have not died down all day. The wind has been between 30 and 40kts all day and we saw a few 50s. The Waves have been behind us most of the time but have meant constant attention to avoid us either surfing too fast or being turn broadside to our sail settings. (The good news is that with our double headsail set up, we don’t have to worry about gybing) Because the wind is not dropping, my current plan is not to go direct to the San Blas, but instead to go into Cartagena tonight and then Graeme will buy new plane tickets from there. We will then continue on to the San Blas at our own pace, either staying a few days at Cartahena and the Islands off Columbia or going straight to the San Blas based solely on the best conditions to do it. Of Course this plan may change on the Whim of the Weather! I will keep you informed. – Cartagena is currently in sight. I will email you when we get there.
Luv Bob

(I received an email following this one an hour later to say that they were safely anchored in the bay.)

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