Hi Pitched give away!

So, a few days ago I went into one of the local body shops, to get an estimate to repair some scratches on my car door, BLOODY HELL, I wish I hadn’t gone in, they wanted $980……

While I was at the barn recently one of the barn dogs jumped up against my car door and scratched it; the scratches aren’t deep but my paintwork is pretty tidy so it stands out. In England we have a product called T-Cut it’s brilliant at getting rid of light scratches, and as I wasn’t about to spend $980 on a paint job, I decided to try one of the local auto shops and ask whether there was a similar American product.

The guy I was talking to asked me where I was from, I told him England, and he said “I thought so but I wasn’t sure because you sound American when you’re stressed” I had no idea what he meant, “what do you mean, I’m not stressed” I replied, “well when you came in you sounded English, but when you started talking about the dog scratching your car your voice became high pitched like an American’s”! “Really, I hadn’t noticed” I said, “well its pretty obvious your not happy about the scratches”.

What a stupid thing to say, why would I be happy about scratches on my car, anyway he said they didn’t have anything that was like T-Cut, but they had this ………….. and pulled a product off the shelves for me to try.

I did try it and it didn’t work, so if anyone can send me a can of T-Cut from England I would be so grateful 🙂 I would really like to get it repaired before Bob or Ed see it 🙁