Food & Drink!

I recently posted about my amazing provisioning skills, perhaps I shouldn’t have boasted quite so loudly!  I had wondered at the time whether I’d perhaps gone a little over the top with my mega shop, however, as it turns out I really should have bought more, not food, but alcohol.  Although I should point out for anyone coming this way; stock up as much as you can store in Panama before you leave, for a few months at least.  Food selections here are limited and VERY expensive.

I may, over the next few months, regard the occasional drink as a real treat;  yesterday bob and I visited one of the local supermarkets to stock up on wine and beer before leaving for the next group of Islands (where there is nothing).

We both left the store with only two cases of beer and no wine,  a little in shock at the prices!  The beer (a can not a bottle) was almost $3, wine (the cheap stuff) started at $20, for bottles that would be about $5 back in the States, the table wine we usually drink was $45, champagne (not a great one) was $100, Absolute Vodka which I pay $18 a bottle for at home was $61.  All the spirits were well over $40.  Even a gallon of water was $5.  Thankfully we have a water maker onboard, which will be productive again once the customs in Tahiti release our new membrane from their clutches; the paperwork and nonsense involved in importing parts and getting them through customs  is ridiculous.  Not much we can do about any of it, so we’re out exploring and having fun…

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