Denarau Marina, Thank you!

Friday 1st July 2022

Today, Bob and I will have been married for 44 years, quite an achievement these days I think, particularly since we’re still happy together.

We were alongside in Denarau Marina (my favorite marina in Fiji), to get our freezer fixed, and to hand over the torn sail to the sailmakers. We had originally only booked for the one night (30th June), Bob had asked them if they had space for a few more nights, sadly they were fully booked, so when we arrived I went to the office to ask again just in case a slip had become free,  “Yes” was the reply, “you can stay another two nights if you wish”. This was great, not only could we have our dinner out, but we could also do some provisioning in the big supermarket in town. The booking was confirmed and our plans were made.

But then, the next morning (1st July) the marina called us to say they were very  “sorry but we double booked your slip, you will have to leave today”. Bummer, however, the fridge repair people had turned up (last time they were due, it was a no show), and Marshal Sails had already called and collected the torn sail, so all that was left was to do a quick provision before we had to leave, our dinner plans would just have to take a raincheck.

Trish and I took a cab to the local supermarket, Jetpoint, recommended  by the marina office but following our visit absolutely NOT recommended by me. Previously Bob and I would drive to an enormous supermarket the other side of town, out by the airport, it’s a bit of a drive to get there but they mostly have what I’m looking for. However, because the marina recommended this “great” supermarket just around the corner we decided to go there. I’m not sure what was so great about it, other than it was a bit closer.


Trish in the cookwear section. It was not exactly what we were shopping for, but if anyone needs a large cook pot, Jetpoint is your store!
Having picked up a few things, (no cookwear)  the food choices were extremely limited, we headed back to the marina. The freezer repair technicians had left so we were free to go. We left the marina at lunchtime and headed back to beautiful Musket Cove.

That night I cooked us a truly delicious, anniversary dinner; we had cocktails at sunset, followed by dinner under the stars, in a beautifully warm, blissfully calm bay. The evening was as perfect as it could have been. The dinner I prepared for us was better than anything we would have had in a restaurant in Denarau, (I’m not saying that the marinas restaurants food isn’t good, it’s all lovely, its just that mine is better).  For details of the dinner I made go to Daisy’s Galley Facebook page.

Our 44th wedding anniversary was one of the loveliest ever.

Thank you Denarau Marina for double booking us, our evening was different to what we had planned  but turned out to be absolutely perfect 🙂

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