Correction to Post “Our Fabulous Week in Hiding””

It turns out that there is a restaurant in Anaho bay, it wasn’t “Chez Juliette” as mentioned in the guide book, but a sea facing room in a private house. There are no signs, nothing to indicate it serves meals; had it not been for our friends Sue and Alan we would never have known it was there. Anyway, we made a reservation and went across with another cruiser John, from the sailing yacht Quest.
There were three tables, to seat up to six people per table, and a small cot in the corner of the room. We removed our shoes and left them outside the door, taking a seat at one of the tables we were immediately served a jug of fresh Pamplemouse juice and a jug of water. And very quickly our meal arrived, roasted chicken and rice. This is not a restaurant where you have a menu, they simply serve what they have, and as they do not fish in this bay, it’s chicken or goat. The chicken was delicious and the rice perfectly cooked. For desert they served a small slice of cake topped with coffee frosting, alongside a dish of Papaya and Pamplemouse. After the meal we were all given a little bag with a gift, mine was a locally hand made necklace and Bob and John had a bag of beautiful shells collected by the lady who owns the property, and a single black pearl. We walked back along the beach to our dinghy passing hundreds of sand crabs, all scuttling back to their holes in the sand. The shallow water of the bay is full of stingrays, so one has to be very careful not to step on them, particularly in the dark. There are also guest rooms available in the bay, but we did not see them, so I am unable to write about them other than to say that they are there.

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