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Where is Crazy Daisy?

For the last seven weeks, Crazy Daisy and crew have been in Australia. They’re currently making their way up the East Coast heading for Darwin. Daisy’s crew has seen a few changes since arriving in Hamilton Island, Australia. Danni, my youngest daughter joined the crew at the beginning of August, and Shawn (Stephanie’s boyfriend) joined […]

The Pacific and The Internet!

So, after five days of bobbing around the little islands of Las Perlas I’m beginning to understand the typical Pacific weather patterns. From about midnight until roughly 5 or 6pm each day the ocean is like a mill pond, flat, calm, quiet, lovely; I believe it’s referred to as the “Doldrums”, but then the tide […]

January 12th, on route to the ABC’s

Crazy Daisy is almost at Aruba. She is the second boat in the fleet, others are taking their time enjoying sailing down the West Indies island chain, while Crazy Daisy is busting a gut to get to Panama to meet one of the crew’s deadlines!!! I have to ask myself WHY we are ALWAYS chasing […]

January 9th Leaving St.Maarten

Today at 2:30 Daisy left St.Maarten, and is heading for Panama. It’s a non-stop trip that should take about six days, this is of course depending upon the weather. The winds are currently blowing around 28 – 38 knots but gusting stronger. If you want to follow them use the yellowbrick tracking and you can […]

On Route To Columbia

Following a few days rest and relaxation, Daisy and her crazy crew left Isle Rosario yesterday morning on their way to the San Blas islands. My crazy crew will relax again in the San Blas for a couple of weeks before finishing the first leg of the circumnavigation and meeting me in Panama. The sail […]