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Our Fabulous Week in Hiding

Anaho Bay Saturday 23rd April Early Saturday morning we followed our friends Rick and Roz, in their Oyster ‘Reya’, out of the bay of Taiohae, where we’ve been for the last three weeks, for a four hour sail around the coast to the sublime bay of Anaho. The sail around was a little rolly, but […]

Eating Out In Nuku Hiva

  The Marquises are a group of mountainous islands of volcanic origin, the largest being Nuku Hiva with a land mass of 330 km. The main town in Nuku Hiva is Taiohae which has a scattering of houses along the shore and rising a little way up the steep hillsides, a hospital, one bank, two […]

My Amazing Provisioning Skill.

  My family has constantly teased me abut being a horder, when it comes to food. My pantry at home resembles a fully stocked Gourmet section of Waitrose (upmarket UK supermarket). I think I must have been starving in a previous life, or had an experience that left me with a fear of never having […]

Nuku Hiva, Marquises

We arrived in a storm at 10am, on Saturday 2nd April Now (one day later) we’re bobbing quietly in the most beautiful bay, surrounded on three sides by volcanic mountains. The Island is as green as anywhere I’ve ever seen, but given the amount of rain they obviously get here, it’s not surprising. It also […]

Will this journey ever end?

Today was sunny with lovely blue skies and little white clouds, the sea was still rolly, but not too uncomfortable. Tonight its a different story; it’s 10pm, I’m just starting my 3 hour night watch and the ocean looks as black as engine oil, it even looks greasy, its so shiny. The moon is huge […]

Quick Update

Thursday, 10th March 2016. Day Five Some More Pacific Wildlife The beautiful Red Foot Boobie was still on the pulpit this morning at 8:30, but left shortly after to continue the days fishing. The sea was very flat and calm this morning, with no white water visible. The water maker had been making water all […]

The best Night watch experience ever…

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016. Day Four At last the arrival of the Dolphins, and the best Night watch experience ever… Despite all the motion I slept well and woke refreshed, happy to see calm sea’s once again. Bob spent the day working on the water maker, I’m in serious need of a shower and hair […]

And So It Goes!

Oliver Wilde once said “consistency is the refuge of the unimaginative”. Those wise words have often been a comfort to me, because I have never credited my self with having much in the way of creative imagination, and I have rarely managed consistency in anything, other than the continuous chaos of my life. Anyone who […]