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Why Live Anywhere Else?

The last few days while I’ve been staying in Louis house in Curacao has really made me wonder. There are few places in the world where I’ve felt that I could call home, possibly my favorite place so far would have to be the first house Bob and I had together, which was in Bisley, […]

OH The Beauty of The ABC’s

Its Sunday October 18th and I’m still in Curacao. Didn’t really expect to still be here, should have been in Colombia weeks ago, but then living on a boat things rarely go exactly to plan. Daisy is still in the workshop, although I do believe that she will finally be finished this week. Looking in […]

Still in the Boatyard

Our planned visit to Curacao was only meant to be for a couple of weeks to hang out in Spanish Waters. We’re all making our way steadily West to Colombia, “the all” being Bubbles (Leo & Karin) Amelie (Debbie & Stephen) Babe (Paul & Trish) and us, Crazy Daisy… As we were so close to […]

Rats Aboard!

There’s always lots of fun in the boating world, some of it’s silly fun, and some of it just hysterical; Yesterday was hysterical. Bob and I were getting ready for the equipment to arrive to remove the boom, when I spotted a rat onboard, rats run rampant here in the boatyard but we were still […]

Fun In Curacao

The Party Continues: All eight of us with our Oysters are still here in Spanish Waters in Curacao; Bubbles, Crazy Daisy, Amelie and Babe… Me, Leo, Bob & Karin at the bar 🙂 The fun we all have together seems never ending, trying not to be exclusive, we’ve also connected with a few other boat […]