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Post Covid, Back To The Islands of Fiji

Tuesday 7th June 2022 Bob and crew left for the islands exactly two weeks ago today, and since then I’ve been chasing around in my usual frantic state, working my way (as efficiently as possible) through an enormous list of “To Do” jobs. I don’t do the passages anymore,  I’ll be flying to meet Captain […]


Previously, May 2019. What my blog is about: Bob and I  returned to New Zealand from Australia last August , after three months sailing with our friends Don & Lesley Brown, on their  Oyster 66, ‘True Blue’, with the 2nd Oyster World Rally. We then took four months in America and Europe visiting family before returning to New Zealand […]

Australia “on route’ The Journey!

  Thursday 24th May 2018 I hadn’t let on that I was nervous about doing the passage from Vanuatu to Australia, anyone who reads my blog is well acquainted with my fear of ocean crossings. However, in an effort to be brave, I was determined that I was going to make this trip.  True Blue […]

The New Zealand Passage “from Hell”

  I always knew the passage to New Zealand was going to be bad, as so many cruisers had been keen to share tales of horror on this particular passage, which is why I refused to do the passage without crew. And Hell Yeah, It certainly lived up to its reputation of being rough, providing […]

The Sea-Saw Effect !

On a passage one has lots of time to think and daydream, resurrect memories and past experiences both good and bad that take you hurtling back to your past. Anyone who knows me will be fully aware that I have a memory like a sieve; most of the time I barely remember what happened last […]

Be Accurate or Beware!

I’m so avidly and enthusiastically following Crazy Daisy’s adventures with my boys in the South Pacific, I can barely wait for their news each day; this is a journey where they continually report a blissfully exhilarating, wonderful time, the best yet in Daisy’s history. Gone (it would appear) are the horror stories with tales of […]

And Then Paul…

For those of you that enjoy following the adventures of Crazy Daisy, should really read my brothers account of his adventures on and off the boat since the start of the rally. Here’s the link to his site. Enjoy 🙂

Falling Sails and The Italian Chef…

My most recent email from Captain Bob, received this-morning. Bare in mind they are 10 hours behind us in the UK, and 5 hours behind the USA, which leaves me in a permanent state of confusion trying to figure out what time it is with them. They’re going to bed as I’m getting up, it’s […]

At Last

Daisy has arrived at the Marqueses, and is on her way to Nuka Hiva, expecting to arrive tomorrow morning (Thursday April 11th). The weather has continued to be calm and peaceful with only 4 or 5 knots of wind, so the sail has been very slow, but the crew are all well and looking forward […]

Daisy Update

With only 670 miles left to go, Daisy should arrive in the Marqueses in the next four to five days. There’s very little wind, so the going is pretty slow, but they’re sailing under blue, blue skies with flat calm seas. Dolphins are jumping and showing off their acrobatic skills to Daisy’s crew, I wish […]