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Manic Fun & Near Disaster…

Another email from my boys in Nuku Hiva… Received Monday 15th April 2013 On Friday, we had the Oyster events and party, with all the natives doing their thing it was fantastic. All day was a blast, Ed is really enjoying himself. Yesterday we took the boat to a little bay and walked deep into […]

Cannibal’s in Paradise!

While my boys, Bob and Ed are having an absolute blast on the island of Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia, as I write this my brother Paul is on the way back to join them. Paige, Ed’s girlfriend will also be flying out in the next couple of weeks, meanwhile I’m here in England wondering […]

Party Time in the Marqueses

This-morning I received this email from Bob. It sounds as though they’re having a blast, I’m so wishing I was there. Oh well, I’m really happy that they’re all having so much fun… I am Safely in the Marquesas after 3000 miles of open water. The terrain is stunning and dramatic. The Polynesian peolpe are […]

At Last

Daisy has arrived at the Marqueses, and is on her way to Nuka Hiva, expecting to arrive tomorrow morning (Thursday April 11th). The weather has continued to be calm and peaceful with only 4 or 5 knots of wind, so the sail has been very slow, but the crew are all well and looking forward […]