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Pacific Storms Manihi

  Never having been to the Pacific before, the limited knowledge I had of it came from the experience’s relayed to me by Bob and Ed after their circumnavigation, TV, books and movies like South Pacific. I had a pretty firm idea of what it was going to be like, but as in all things, […]

The Tuamotu’s, “The Dangerous Archipelago”

  First Stop: “Manihi” June 5th 2016 Daisy and Babe left Taiohae Bay early Sunday afternoon, for our 600 mile crossing to Manihi. Winds were light but initially just enough for us to raise the sails, although throughout the crossing the winds dropped so low we had to motor for half of the trip. It […]

Touring Nuku Hiva

Tuesday 19th April, 2016 Since Louis left to return home, we’ve been hard at work completing all the “unfinished” and “must do” jobs around Daisy. Bit, by laborious bit, we are finally making progress. It took me the best part of two weeks to clean up the inside of the boat and get all the […]

Oh Lovely Ice Cream

Monday, March 7th, 2016. Day Two Following a brief wind panic at 1:30am, I left night watch to Louis and went to bed. I slept through until 6:55am, I always sleep better on Daisy than anywhere else, the gentle movement rocks me as if I’m in a hammock. Up on deck Bob was watching the […]

Update From Crazy Daisy in Fiji

Hi Heather, It is just before 7:00 in the morning here and Eddie and I were on deck watching the day break over the Fijian islands we are anchored next to, and we heard your email arrive. We were actually watching the Flying foxes return to their roost. Last night we watched them leave at […]

Swimming With Sharks…

Don’t miss this; I’m going to share my brother’s experience with the sharks with you. Here’s the link to his blog, with some truly amazing photographs and a wonderful rendition of his experience, read and enjoy…

Be Accurate or Beware!

I’m so avidly and enthusiastically following Crazy Daisy’s adventures with my boys in the South Pacific, I can barely wait for their news each day; this is a journey where they continually report a blissfully exhilarating, wonderful time, the best yet in Daisy’s history. Gone (it would appear) are the horror stories with tales of […]