January 17th. The Sea Brings Forth The Poet!

Another rather poetic email from Bob in Cartegena, I think the atmosphere was having an effect on him, read on.

Good Morning Heather,
I am sat on deck, clear blue skies, looking over the morning scenes of Catagena waking up. The unreal juxter positions of The gleaming Miami Vice skyline one side of the bay and the Majestic Domes of Spanish Colonial military might languishing over the old walled city at the other end of the Bay. The subtlety of the vista is enhanced by the background blend of its audio rhythms! Starting with the near silence of the early morning haze that imperceptibly morphs into the murmuring heartbeat of a sleeping giant, the hum of what can only be the pressurized gurgleling of 1.6 million coffee makers turning into the ratatatats of distant diesels and the fluid swooping cawing sea birds being replaced by the demented buzz of a frantic water taxi appearing from nowhere skimming the surface and then vanishing into the fabric of the audio seascape. All the while the audio backdrop continues to blur yet partner the visual lunacy of this meeting of eras in one city at the halfway house between The North and South America’s or 300 years ago between North and Southern European expansionism. The occaisonal other era formality of The long practiced rythyms of a marching band drift in and out of earshot behind the indecipherable hum of the rising breaths of the Giant as the populace of Cartagena starts to power up its veins of Narrow overcrowded streets and alleys. The soup of city sound is made all the more homogeneous by the clarity and overpowering volume of dropped food in the enclosure that pens in the towering megalosaurus and diplodocus eating containers from ships that strayed too close.

All very chilled and laid back here on Daisy this morning, we got up early to dingy Graeme to shore to get his flight and then went to bed for more shut-eye before relaxing under the bimini to soak up the start of the day. At 9:30am Paul went down below because it was too hot for him on deck. Eddie is still in Bed. Last night we went to the old city and had dinner in one of the outside plazas.
More later
Luv Bob

Oh their life sounds tough!

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